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WetStone Technologies,
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WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

McAfee Enterprise Solutions

Presented by WetStone Technologies, Inc.
The Cyber Security Division of Allen Corporation of America

Allen’s WetStone Cyber Security Division sales, solution architecture, and professional services teams are experienced across the entire spectrum of McAfee security solutions.  Not only can WetStone assist you in defining your security requirements and obtaining the appropriate McAfee products you need to protect your company’s critical IT assets, we can also ensure those solutions are deployed and configured to McAfee best practices by our team of McAfee certified security experts and project managers.

WetStone can also help train an organization’s staff, through one-on-one knowledge transfer sessions and mentoring by our experienced McAfee consultants.  This training can be reinforced through subscription access to our exclusive McAfee Solution Services video series located in the WetStone Video Library. WetStone’s McAfee Solution Services Video Series provides a technical, in-depth look at the setup, configuration, and/or management of a wide range of McAfee security products, each conducted by a McAfee Subject Matter Expert.

Endpoint Protection

McAfee endpoint protection products deliver powerful endpoint security to safeguard endpoints, servers, and mobile devices against cyberthreats.

Data Protection

McAfee data protection safeguards critical assets with easily managed data security solutions, including data loss prevention and encryption.

Cloud Security

McAfee cloud security solutions protect hybrid, private, and public cloud deployments, giving you more visibility into cloud services.

Web Security

Web security solutions from McAfee stop incoming web threats, prevent the exploit of browser vulnerabilities, and monitor and control web use.

Server Security

McAfee server security solutions discover workloads, protect servers, and expand into the cloud, helping to protect next-generation data centers.


McAfee SIEM solutions provide real-time situational awareness so enterprises can identify, understand, and respond to stealthy threats.

Security Management

With centralized security management from McAfee, businesses reduce costs, improve protection, and increase visibility into security and compliance.

Network Security

McAfee network security products provide advanced intrusion prevention, network access control, antispam, antimalware, and web filtering.

Security Analytics

McAfee security analytics products detect, diagnose, and validate advanced threats and suspicious incidents.

Database Security

Strengthen database security with database activity monitoring, virtual patching, and vulnerability scanning that secures all of your environments.  
Why Purchase McAfee Solutions from WetStone:
  • Long standing partnership with McAfee, not only as a Solution Provider, but also as a Certified Service Delivery Provider and Managed Service Provider.
  • Any McAfee Solution purchase can be paired with the quick start services required to get you operational and secure as fast as possible, utilizing McAfee’s proven professional services methodology .
  • Access to WetStone’s McAfee Solutions Services Video Series where organizations will be able to learn or stay fresh on topics related to the products they have purchased.
  • WetStone can manage or co-manage your environment with our McAfee Managed Services offering
  • WetStone can give you visibility into the health of your McAfee environment with our McAfee Health Check Services

McAfee Solutions available from Allen’s WetStone Cyber Security Division: