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WetStone Technologies,
a Division of SiviSoft

WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation


WetStone Technologies, is a leader in advanced cyber security research in the areas of live forensics, malicious code detection, advanced biometric and authentication technologies, cryptography, PKI and steganography. The expertise gained from our own ground-breaking research efforts and the research we have performed for DARPA, the Air Force Research Lab, and the National Institute of Justice among others, has resulted in award-winning cyber security solutions for the digital investigator, including training and WetStone-branded products for malware and steganography investigation, live forensics, intrusion detection, and secure and trusted time.

WetStone has successfully executed over 40 Sponsored Funded Research efforts over the past 15 years. These efforts have been sponsored by AFRL, OSD, DARPA, NSA, ARL, NIJ and others. WetStone received a 2007 Tibbetts award for our work on a Phase I + II SBIR in the area of Biometric Liveness where we applied advanced statistical processing and neural network technology to identify fake fingerprint scans with a high degree of accuracy.

WetStone has successfully transferred core research and development results into both product and training offerings. These include advanced malicious code detection, steganography analysis and live on-demand digital investigation. These commercial offerings have won awards from major publications including being recognized by SC Magazine as best computer forensic solution.

As Allen Corporation’s Cyber Security Division, WetStone also offers a range of services to assist organizations in identifying and reducing risk to critical information assets. WetStone has conducted vulnerability assessments for companies throughout the world. Using a combination of software and manual analysis WetStone can rapidly discover and prioritize vulnerabilities and policy violations on all IT assets, helping the customer develop a comprehensive remediation plan. WetStone also provides the expertise to implement cyber security and urgent messaging solutions from industry leaders, such as McAfee and OnSolve.

WetStone is a leading provider of Web Security, Data Protection, Network Defense, Risk and Compliance Management, Endpoint Security, and Cloud Security professional services for McAfee since 2004.

WetStone is a leading provider of intelligent notification systems for incident response and business continuity, and has been an authorized MIR3 and TelAlert partner since 2001. MIR3 and TelAlert are offerings from OnSolve.

WetStone Technologies, Inc. is a New York State small business and a subsidiary of Allen Corporation of America. WetStone Technologies, Inc.’s research and development functions are headquartered in South Carolina.

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