WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

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WetStone Technologies,
a Division of Allen Corporation

WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

A Message from Allen Corporation’s CEO on COVID-19

The pandemic we are living through is an extraordinary time for all of us. No one has been untouched by COVID-19, and it is important – maybe more than ever – that we are here for one another. We are particularly grateful to the first responders and medical personnel who are putting themselves on the front-line of this pandemic to help safely guide us through this difficult period.

We are monitoring the changing situation closely, and doing everything we can to support the well-being of our Allen employees and their families. Our business continuity planning and migration of critical services to the cloud has enabled us to transition most of our employees to teleworking and to continue supporting the missions of our valued customers and partners.

Accelerated by the current crisis, the workplace is evolving into a teleworking model. Allen, through its Mitel partnership, offers the services and solutions to implement a highly secure, work from anywhere, collaborative environment for our customers. Complemented by the McAfee expertise of our Cyber Security division, WetStone Technologies, Allen can provide the solutions that will enable employees to work remotely, productively, and securely.

As we enter a new and challenging phase of our nation’s response to the present crisis, keep closely guarded, your safety and health. We will be back together face-to-face soon. Until then, I hope you are all well and safe.

All the best,

K.C. Vaughey

About Us

WetStone Technologies is the award-winning Cyber Security Division of Allen Corporation of America. Since 1998, WetStone has developed software solutions that support investigators and analysts engaged in cyber-crime investigations, digital forensics, and incident response activities. We also provide comprehensive consulting services for the best practices implementation and operation of security solutions from McAfee and other industry leaders to protect our customers’ critical information assets.

The research and development arm of WetStone Technologies, WetStone Labs, performs malware research, and develops a suite of advanced digital forensic and incident response tools supporting a wide range of investigative needs. Whether responding to an incident, performing security audits or penetration tests, discovering the presence of malicious applications, exposing steganography usage, or collecting evidence from live systems, solutions from WetStone Technologies provide our customers with the tools to better understand a cyber threat, and to assist them in profiling the intent, sophistication, capabilities and communications of an attacker.

In addition to malware research and the development of cyber security tools, WetStone is focused on helping our customers proactively defend their networks and data in an increasingly dangerous threat environment. Leveraging the subject matter expertise gained from our advanced cyber security research, and capitalizing on the collective knowledge and best practices acquired through the vulnerability assessments and security solution implementations we have performed for hundreds of customers in all sectors, our professional services team identifies vulnerabilities and focuses on securing areas where a compromise would have the greatest business impact.


In early 2007 WetStone was acquired by Allen Corporation of America with corporate headquarters located in Fairfax, VA. Employing more than 200 people throughout the United States, Allen is a dynamic, rapidly growing company that provides expertise in full information systems life cycle management.

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My compliments to you on your product Gargoyle. Thanks to this program, I was able to correctly identify the presence of several “spyware” programs and a particularly nasty Trojan on a client’s machine. In addition, your standards of customer service are to be highly commended. Abberline Investigations is now a major supporter of Wetstone Technologies, and based on this initial instance, will find your tools to be invaluable in future investigations.

William Simon, President
Abberline Investigations

I have been using Gargoyle for nearly a year. I have found the program to be extraordinarily useful — the interface is intuitive so that users with limited computer experience can rapidly become functional with the tool and the output always provides useful pointers to interesting files on the system under investigation. The addition of data sets that detect potential malware other than steganography tools has enhanced its usefulness even more. As a preliminary investigation tool, Gargoyle has proven to be an important contribution to the suite of digital forensics software.

Gary C. Kessler, Director Program Dir.
Computer & Digital Forensics Champlain College
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April 25, 2019 - WetStone Technologies Named to Cybersecurity 500 List for 2018

Fairfax, VA – April 25, 2019 – WetStone Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allen Corporation of America, and a global provider of innovative cyber security solutions for the digital investigator, announced it was named to the first annual Cybersecurity 500 list by Cybersecurity Ventures. This announcement was made at the Cyber Investing Summit in New […]

April 11, 2019 - WetStone Technologies, Inc. Selects Kanguru as USB Hardware Partner for new Forensics Solution

Millis, MA, USA – April 3, 2019 – Kanguru is proud to partner with WetStone Technologies, Inc. to provide a customized, USB flash drive platform with physical write protect switch to deliver WetStone’s forensic malware discovery and investigation application. WetStone’s G-Flash MP is pre-loaded on a Kanguru USB flash drive, and is utilized for forensic, […]

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