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We develop software solutions that support investigators and analysts engaged in the eCrime Investigation, eForensics and incident response activities.

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Gargoyle Investigator™

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About Us

At WetStone we develop software solutions that support investigators and analysts engaged in eCrime Investigation, eForensics and incident response activities. Our investigative software solutions focus on advanced tools and methods that support a wide range of investigator needs. Whether responding to an incident, performing audits or pen tests, mapping networks, discovering malicious code, exposing steganography usage or collecting evidence from live running systems, our solutions put high performance capabilities into the hands of our customers.

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My compliments to you on your product Gargoyle. Thanks to this program, I was able to correctly identify the presence of several “spyware” programs and a particularly nasty Trojan on a client’s machine. In addition, your standards of customer service are to be highly commended. Abberline Investigations is now a major supporter of Wetstone Technologies, and based on this initial instance, will find your tools to be invaluable in future investigations.

William Simon, President
Abberline Investigations

I have been using Gargoyle for nearly a year. I have found the program to be extraordinarily useful — the interface is intuitive so that users with limited computer experience can rapidly become functional with the tool and the output always provides useful pointers to interesting files on the system under investigation. The addition of data sets that detect potential malware other than steganography tools has enhanced its usefulness even more. As a preliminary investigation tool, Gargoyle has proven to be an important contribution to the suite of digital forensics software.

Gary C. Kessler, Director Program Dir.
Computer & Digital Forensics Champlain College
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