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WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

Enhanced Healthcare Security for DICOM Files

Did you know that DICOM files can be targeted with steganography, the practice of hiding information within digital file, allowing unauthorized and potentially malicious data to be concealed within medical images?

Are you aware of potential threats, including malware, to DICOM files, and do you have real-time detection and quarantine or other mitigation processes in place?

Do you have measures in place to validate the alignment of DICOM files with established standards, ensuring both compliance and data security?


Many traditional security measures fall short in their ability to address the complexity of DICOM files, leaving a critical gap in protection.

Solution: SecureDICOM fills this gap by providing:

  1. Targeted Protection: Unlike generic tools, it recognizes and safeguards against threats specifically targeting DICOM files.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: From inspections for malware to checks for hidden data, SecureDICOM’s multi-dimensional approach ensures robust protection.
  3. Regulatory Compliance Support: It aligns with standards like HIPAA, maintaining integrity and conformity of DICOM files.
  4. Integration with Existing Measures: It fits seamlessly into your current security framework, enhancing the overall strategy.

Benefit: SecureDICOM specifically addresses the security needs of DICOM files, enhancing your existing defenses and alignment with standards. This tailored approach builds confidence in your healthcare data handling, promoting trust among providers and patients.

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Enhance Healthcare Security with SecureDICOM

Ensuring the security and integrity of DICOM files has become a complex challenge that requires specialized attention. General antivirus tools lack the nuanced understanding needed to protect these complex medical imaging files. SecureDICOM fills this gap by offering a solution specifically designed for the demands of healthcare data security.

  1. Targeted Protection for DICOM Files: SecureDICOM goes beyond generic antivirus tools, offering specialized protection tailored to the unique structure and demands of DICOM files. Our solution is designed to recognize and safeguard against threats specifically targeting these vital medical files.
  2. Comprehensive Security Coverage: With inspections for known malware, conformity with the DICOM standard, and checks for hidden data that could be maliciously embedded within the files using steganography, SecureDICOM provides a multi-dimensional approach to security. Our solution addresses the nuanced risks associated with DICOM files, delivering a level of protection traditional antivirus solutions cannot match.
  3. Regulatory Compliance Support: SecureDICOM is committed to maintaining the integrity and conformity of DICOM files, aligning with regulatory requirements and best practices in healthcare data protection.
  4. Enhanced Trust and Confidence: Our specialized focus on DICOM file security reinforces trust and confidence in digital healthcare processes. SecureDICOM proactively addresses both conventional and specialized threats, contributing to a more secure and resilient healthcare data ecosystem.
  5. Integration with Existing Security Framework: SecureDICOM fits seamlessly into your existing security measures, filling a critical gap that traditional antivirus tools may miss. Our solution ensures a more holistic security strategy, taking into account the unique risks associated with DICOM files.
  6. Supporting Patient Privacy and Data Integrity: SecureDICOM emphasizes patient privacy and data integrity. Our ability to detect hidden malicious data or non-conformity helps to ensure that sensitive patient information within DICOM files remains protected.

SecureDICOM serves as a vital element in healthcare security, fostering trust and safety for both providers and patients. It’s specifically designed to fill the critical gap left by traditional security measures, ensuring a more robust defense tailored to the unique demands of DICOM files.



  • Designed to enhance the security of DICOM files.
  • Detects potential threats, including malware, within DICOM files.
  • Uncovers hidden data using steganography detection techniques.
  • Validates the alignment of files with DICOM standards.
  • Ensures integrity during transmission and security scanning processes.
  • Features near real-time detection and quarantining of problematic files.
  • Provides a platform for secure management of large-scale DICOM file sharing.
  • Supports healthcare providers in maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Reinforces overall data security in medical imaging.