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WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

Quick Start Services for McAfee Security Solutions

Presented by WetStone Technologies, Inc.
The Cyber Security Division of Allen Corporation of America

Ken McCray, McAfee's Head of Channel Sales and Operations, discusses the WetStone team and the high standards McAfee demands from its Service Delivery Providers.

What are WetStone Quick Start Services?

WetStone’s Quick Start Services for McAfee Security Solutions provide a cost-effective option to customers who cannot afford lengthy large-scale on-site engagements, or just need a subject matter expert for a limited time to help their internal IT security staff prepare for a successful McAfee project. Quick Start services are delivered remotely in four-hour blocks. They address new installs, upgrades and optimization of existing implementations, as well as, knowledge transfer to your security staff for a specific product. Each Quick Start has a defined project scope designed to get the product deployed efficiently and in accordance with best practices.

Additional blocks of time can be purchased to further the scope of work.

WetStone Quick Start Services are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that may lack the time, money or resources to effectively and efficiently deploy their McAfee Security Solutions.

Benefits of a McAfee Solution Quick Start Service?

  • Expert Consulting
  • Fast implementation of your McAfee security solution
  • Optimized McAfee infrastructure, deployed to best practices
  • Budget friendly and cost effective
  • No travel expenses -- all services can be performed remotely
  • Knowledge transfer to your security staff by a McAfee certified consultant

What McAfee Solutions are included in WetStone’s Quick Start Program?

WetStone’s Quick Start Services for McAfee Solutions include the following products:

  • ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
  • VirusScan Enterprise (VSE)
  • Endpoint Security (ENS)
  • Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS)
  • Data Loss Prevention for Endpoints (DLPe)
  • File and Removable Media Protection
  • Drive Encryption
  • Application Control
  • Change Control
  • Device Control
  • Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE)
  • Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)

WetStone's Quick Start Options:

WetStone Technologies offers two different Quick Start options:

Quick Start:
Remotely delivered Quick Start services for selected McAfee product

Quick Start PLUS:
In addition to WetStone’s Quick Start Services customers will receive:
  • A twelve-month subscription to WetStone’s McAfee Solution Services Video Library. For one year from the purchase of a WetStone Quick Start Service, you will receive unlimited access to our exclusive McAfee Solution Services Video Series for the corresponding McAfee product. In this video series WetStone’s team of McAfee-certified consultants will provide insight and knowledge transfer for specific features and topics related to the McAfee Security Solutions portfolio. Each video delivers an in-depth, technical look at a specific subject related to deploying or managing a McAfee security product. Each video in the series is concise, categorized, and searchable, making them easy to watch and useful as both an introduction to and reinforcement of a topic.
  • Four two-hour scheduled mentoring sessions – During these scheduled mentoring sessions you will connect one-on-one with a McAfee-certified subject matter expert. These sessions offer an opportunity to ask questions of one of WetStone’s experienced McAfee consultants on the topics covered in your video subscription and, especially, how they may apply to your specific environment.