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WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

McAfee Solution Services Training

Presented by WetStone Technologies, Inc.
The Cyber Security Division of Allen Corporation of America


Leverage WetStone’s training and mentoring services to maximize your McAfee solutions.

WetStone’s Professional Services organization has been responsible for the successful implementation of security solutions from McAfee to protect organizations throughout the world. Our customers, including McAfee itself, are confident that the WetStone team can always be trusted to deploy the McAfee products effectively and configured in accordance with best practices. However, maintaining any security solution can be challenging on a day-to-day basis, especially if the personnel charged with the on-going management of the McAfee products do not have the requisite technical expertise and experience. Moreover, the industry demand for highly skilled and experienced cyber security personnel means most companies experience a high-level of turnover in their critical in-house staff. Recruiting, hiring and retaining specialized, full-time cyber security staff has become an expensive and time-consuming task.

To address this staffing issue and ensure that essential security controls are effectively maintained and continue to provide the expected protection, organizations often turn to experts like WetStone to provide all or a portion of the dedicated security resources they need. However, these and many other organizations also rely on WetStone to provide an effective training solution for developing the skills required by their internal staff to manage the day-to-day operations of their McAfee environment. And because McAfee’s product offerings are always evolving to address a dynamic threat landscape, it is important that this training be flexible and permit skills to be updated frequently to incorporate changes to the security products and best practices.

As Allen Corporation of America’s Cyber Security Division, WetStone Technologies is a trusted McAfee partner delivering McAfee solution services, emergency incident response support, and long-term resident consulting to some of McAfee’s largest and most prestigious customers. Our McAfee certified and vetted consulting team has consistently been rated as Exceptional by McAfee Professional Services. Developing and maintaining a world-class team of McAfee subject matter experts is the primary function of our internal education and training program, the WetStone McAfee Academy. Leveraging elements of the McAfee Academy’s instructional content, combined with mentoring from our experienced McAfee SME’s, we have adapted our training curriculum to efficiently and cost-effectively address the specific McAfee skills development needs of our customers.

Shortcomings of Traditional Training Methods

To gain the maximum value from your McAfee solutions, you need staff who have been expertly trained to configure and manage them. What is the best way to accomplish this goal?

In today’s environment an organization must be able to quickly train new staff due to the high turnover associated with the industry demand for scarce security skills. Frequent retraining of existing staff is also a necessity because of the rapid changes to and expansion of a company’s installed base of McAfee products. In this dynamic environment, learning via traditional instructor-led courses, whether delivered in physical classroom environments or virtually, has several serious drawbacks. Cost is certainly one of the primary concerns, especially, when in-classroom attendance necessitates travel, but travelling to these training sessions also cause the students to lose valuable, productive time at work. The latter is often the primary reason why employees are unable to attend the amount of training that they require for attaining the knowledge needed to perform their job effectively. But whether in an instructor-led physical or virtual classroom, it is the same one size fits all training delivered over a defined timeframe. The student has no control over these factors and often feels overwhelmed with the amount of information presented in the typical four- or five-day class. As a result, retention rates suffer. Finally, because instructor-led training materials are produced well in advance, and the time and expense it takes to update them, content often lags important changes to the McAfee product that is being taught.

On-demand courses from McAfee consist of recorded instructor presentations and access to a virtual lab environment. While these courses offer more schedule flexibility to the student, they must be completed within 30 days from the date of registration, and interaction with the instructor is through email. Again, training content is likely to lag the introduction of important changes to the product, and retention suffers due to the amount of material presented over a relatively short timeframe.

E-learning training offerings from McAfee often lack the depth of content students need in order to develop their McAfee skills proficiency, and do not offer interaction with an instructor. For continued access subscriptions must be renewed after sixty days.

Building the McAfee Skills of Your IT and Security Staff with WetStone Training and Services

WetStone’s unique McAfee Solution Services video series provides best practices training in a format that is ideal for developing the McAfee deployment and administration expertise of your in-house security staff.

The instructional content associated with each McAfee solution subject area is featured in brief, self-contained videos delivered by a member of WetStone’s experienced professional services team. Each instructor is a McAfee certified consultant with significant experience in the implementation, optimization and administration of McAfee solutions in a wide range of customer environments -from small and medium size businesses to large, geographically dispersed companies and government organizations. New video content is added regularly, and address both new topics and important changes to McAfee product areas covered in existing videos.

The practical, hands-on training format of these videos makes it easier for individuals charged with the day-to-day management of an organization’s McAfee security products to identify the content that is most relevant to their needs. Since learning content is delivered in small, single-topic sessions, employees will be able to acquire and apply that knowledge in their own McAfee environment ... as they need it.

Access to WetStone’s McAfee Solution Services video series is paired with scheduled mentoring sessions with a certified, experienced McAfee subject matter expert. These SME’s have been vetted by McAfee Professional Services’ Technical Practice Managers, are certified in the McAfee products, and have extensive experience in a wide variety of professional services engagements, deploying McAfee security solutions for small and medium to Fortune 500 companies and government and educational organizations world-wide.

WetStone’s McAfee Solutions Services Videos and mentoring services are included in the following Services subscriptions:

HealthCheck PLUS services
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