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  • Perform live acquisition
  • Triage live evidence on scene
  • Comprehensive reporting

US-LATT performs live acquisition and triage of Microsoft® Windows systems. US-LATT provides investigators and breach response personnel with the ability to triage live evidence and perform fast and efficient on scene investigations.

  • Additional external drive support
  • Capture Memory
  • Catalog Running Processes
  • Snapshot Network Ports and Connections
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Identify and Image Encrypted Volumes
  • Acquire Files
  • Acquire Skype Actions
  • Acquire Web Activity
  • Acquire e-mail Activity
  • Acquire User Actions
  • Acquire System Event Logs
  • Strong Authentication and Evidence Protection
  • On Scene and Lab analysis
  • All acquired data is in standard XML formats with supplied style sheets for web browsing based examination


  • 32GB encrypted USB device equipped with 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Customer Support Portal account
  • 1-Year Maintenance