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SearchLight Datasheet

  • Unlimited pcap file size support and multiple pcap file merging
  • High performance filtering
  • Rapid analysis of pcap files

The investigative analysis of network pcap (packet capture) files is a tedious and error prone process. Additional challenges such as the analysis of large pcaps, multiple pcaps and the lack of a highly tuned search and filtering engine continues to impair investigative effectiveness and efficiencies. SearchLight™ by WetStone addresses these issues and more.


  • Unlimited pcap file size support and multiple pcap file merging.
  • Application of high performance filtering operations within a case or a single pcap file.
  • Discrete timeline and protocol filtering.
  • Flexible filters that pinpoint security breaches, attack vectors, vulnerabilities and policy violations.
  • Rapid identification of network vulnerabilities such as rogue access points, unauthorized devices, suspicious ports and protocols.
  • Result generation in XML, CSV, PCAP and JSON formats.


  • Electronic software download
  • Customer Support Portal account
  • 1-Year Maintenance