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WetStone Technologies,
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WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation
WetStone Technologies: A division of Allen Corporation

HCL AppScan

Presented by WetStone Technologies, Inc.

WetStone has partnered with HCL to offer AppScan, delivering best-in-class security testing tools to ensure your business is not vulnerable to attack.

Detect application vulnerabilities before they become a problem, remediate them when they are still cheap to fix, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Adopt a scalable security testing strategy to pinpoint and remediate application vulnerabilities in every phase of the development lifecycle, minimizing exposure to attack.

AppScan Standard:

AppScan Standard is a dynamic application security testing tool designed for security experts and pen-testers. Using a powerful scanning engine, AppScan automatically crawls the target app and tests for vulnerabilities. Test results are prioritized and presented in a manner that allows the operator to quickly triage issues and hone-in on the most critical vulnerabilities found. Remediation is made easy using clear and actionable fix recommendations for each issue detected. As a result, continuously testing and assessing risk for web services and applications helps prevent a damaging security breach.


AppScan on Cloud:

AppScan on Cloud delivers a suite of security testing tools, including static, dynamic and interactive testing for web, mobile and open source software. It detects pervasive security vulnerabilities and facilitates remediation. AppScan on Cloud implements shift-left security by eliminating vulnerabilities during development before software is deployed. Comprehensive management capabilities enable security professionals, developers, DevOps and compliance officers to continuously monitor the security posture of their application and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • Comprehensive Testing Suite
  • Low False Positive
  • Continuous Updates
  • Mitigate Open Source Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Actionable Reporting

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AppScan Enterprise:

AppScan Enterprise delivers scalable application security testing and risk management capabilities to help enterprises manage risk and compliance.  AppScan enables security and DevOps teams to collaborate, establish policies, and perform testing throughout the application development lifecycle. Management dashboards help businesses classify and prioritize application assets based on business impact and identify the most critical vulnerabilities that present the highest risk to the business. AppScan Enterprise’s REST interface enables integration with various automation tools to ensure seamless integration with DevOps’ Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.


  • Scalable
  • Risk-Based Management
  • DevSecOps-Ready
  • Actionable Reporting

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AppScan Source:

AppScan Source helps organizations develop more secure software and avoid costly vulnerabilities that surface late in the development lifecycle.  By integrating security testing early in the development cycle – i.e. shift-left security – AppScan reduces risk exposure and reduces remediation costs. AppScan Source utilizes its machine learning-based Intelligent Finding Analytics (IFA) technology to help DevOps teams quickly identify critical security vulnerabilities and the best measures for remediation. As a result, costly remediation occurring late in the development cycle or in production are avoided.


  • Centralized Management
  • IDE plug-in
  • Pinpoint vulnerabilities
  • Help developers implement security best practices

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