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At WetStone we develop software solutions that support investigators and analysts engaged in eCrime Investigation, eForensics and incident response activities. Our investigative software solutions focus on advanced tools and methods that support a wide range of investigator needs. Whether responding to an incident, performing audits or pen tests, mapping networks, discovering malicious code, time stamping digital evidence, exposing steganography usage or collecting evidence from live running systems, our solutions put high performance capabilities into the hands of our customers.

Wetstone Company Profile (pdf)WetStone Company Profile

WetStone Technologies was established in 1997 to advance digital investigation technologies and training.  Today we focus our solutions and expertise on the challenges of eCrime Investigation, eForensics and eCompliance. Tomorrow our technologies will provide investigators with intelligent deductive capabilities that will transform the art of digital investigation.
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Service to our customers, whether government, law enforcement, or commercial, is our highest priority.  Please take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us!
Reseller Application Reseller Application

Our Reseller Program consists of resellers who wish to give their customers the latest experience in software technology at an affordable price. We are committed to providing a set of benefits that fit your needs, regardless of the size or focus of your organization.
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