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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say!

Since my initial exposure to computer forensics in 1989, I have been a witness to an amazing evolution of tech savvy criminals; hard drive capacities and a plethora of media capable of holding potential valuable evidence. The Erie County District Attorney's High Tech Crime Unit now faces the challenge of processing computers and media holding potential evidence in unprecedented numbers and time constraints while getting analysis reports quickly to investigators. Gargoyle Forensic Pro has recently become my starting investigative tool for every investigation. The ability to automatically and quickly detect thousands of Malware related programs such as Spyware, Key Loggers, Password Crackers, Encryption Programs, Steganography Programs, Trojans, Denial of Service Tools, Virus Toolkits, Hacking Toolkits, Wireless Surveillance Tools, Drive Erasers and Hex Editors and then create a very nice HTML report that includes what was found, where it was found, datasets used for analysis, hashes and investigator information is worth its weight in gold.

Larry Dombrowski, Chief County Detective
Erie County District Attorney

I have been using Gargoyle for nearly a year. I have found the program to be extraordinarily useful -- the interface is intuitive so that users with limited computer experience can rapidly become functional with the tool and the output always provides useful pointers to interesting files on the system under investigation. The addition of data sets that detect potential malware other than steganography tools has enhanced its usefulness even more. As a preliminary investigation tool, Gargoyle has proven to be an important contribution to the suite of digital forensics software.

Gary C. Kessler, Director Program Dir.
Computer & Digital Forensics Champlain College

My compliments to you on your product Gargoyle. Thanks to this program, I was able to correctly identify the prescence of several "spyware" programs and a particularly nasty Trojan on a client s machine. In addition, your standards of customer service are to be highly commended. Abberline Investigations is now a major supporter of Wetstone Technologies, and based on this initial instance, will find your tools to be invaluable in future investigations.

William Simon, President
Abberline Investigations

I am writing to let you know how happy we are with your software: Gargoyle Forensic Pro.

Brian Carne, Manager

Gargoyle, from Wetstone Technologies is one of the key tools that I use on each examination I perform. Gargoyle allows me to scan a hard drive quickly for Trojans,viruses, spyware, malware, etc. and determine whether anyof these are present. By scanning the drive with Gargoyle, I can usually quickly eliminate the potential defense of a Trojan put that file on my hard drive or similararguments. It s a valuable addition to any computer forensic examiner s toolbox.

Matthew Samuelson
Texas State Auditor's Office

Seeing Stone has helped us identify vulnerabilities and threats quickly, giving us the exact information we need to improve our security posture. Our comfort level in the ever changing world has greatly improved since installation.

Marty Christofferson, State University of New York
Tompkins Cortland Community College

I wanted to write to let you in on how successful your product is operating. Indeed, after a brief session of "operator errors" we had the Gargoyle program up and running at a proficient level. So successful in fact that we were able to find two hidden programs in a client's computer system.

Dr. J. Bryan LeGwin
Computer Data Recovery, Inc

Wetstone Technologies' online training is unbelievably impressive. Having top-level, expert instruction by seasoned, experienced professionals that are friendly, truly relevant, and extremely in-depth can rarely be obtained in a classroom environment much less in the comfort of your own home.

Louis M. Schlesinger, LPI, ACE, CFC, CIFI
CyForensics, LLC

I have known of Wetstone products for years and have used some of the stego products when the need arose. I was impressed with the capability of the software and the completeness of the tool suite. With that positive experience I had no reservations about obtaining and using Gargoyle when I had a case that required it. I am now using this as a standard part of all of my forensic examinations.

Bradley J. Bartram

Testimonial taken from Guidance EnCase Examiner Newsletter April 2004

Det/Sgt Bob Gagnon, Team Leader
Technical Operations, Ontario Provincial Police, Electronic Crime Section

Gargoyle is an excellent program that will improve your chances of detecting thousands of Malware related programs as it has done for me. Gargoyle Standard edition will find Malware such as Spyware, Key Loggers, Password Crackers, Encryption Programs, Steganography Programs, Trojans, Denial of Service Tools, Virus Toolkits, Hacking Toolkits, Wireless Surveillance Tools, Drive Erasers and Hex Editors to name a few.

Jack Seward
Jack Seward Associates, LLC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people at WetStone Tech for their excellent work on Stego Suite and Gargoyle forensics software. It has become standard practice for the Erie County District Attorney's High Tech Crime Investigation Unit to run your Gargoyle program as the first forensics program on each and every case in the anticipation of a malware defense. Prosecutors, defense attorneys and the courts all readily accept the easy to read HTML reports which has saved countless hours of trial testimony in criminal cases. In one recent case Gargoyle proved to be an extremely valuable tool.

Larry Dombrowski, Chief County Detective
Erie County District Attorney's Office

The purpose of Gargoyle is to have a fast and easy way to provide us with valuable information regarding the contents of a suspect s computer along with essential information about it s owner's computer use. How many times have we come across a program that was used and then uninstalled to cover the bad guy s tracks?

Timothy Glantz, Senior Digital Forensic Investigator
Cingular Wireless