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Inside Malware : Respond-Investigate-Mitigate

(Three Day Class)

This three-day interactive lab environment allows each student to experience real investigative scenarios in a cyber safe environment. Our approach to this bootcamp allows each student to utilize the latest tools and technologies used by today’s criminals, and to practice the requisite live approach to investigation. This learning environment is the most effective approach to acquiring deep knowledge regarding both the latest threats and to practice live investigation techniques and methodologies.                                                           

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Zombies and Botnets: Setup-Investigate-Shutdown (One Day Advanced Class)

This one-day advanced module to our Hacking Bootcamp focuses exclusively on Zombies and Botnets. Students will have unique access to our “hands-on” interactive learning environment. Students will work together to establish a complex Botnet environment and practice investigative methods/techniques to collect criminal information. Each student will learn how to shutdown and isolate Botnet operators and individual Zombies in order to limit or preempt the damage they can cause.

Advanced StegAnalysis: Demystifying Steganography Investigation

(Two Day Advanced Class)

This two-day advanced steganography course provides students with an inside look at the latest steganography tools and methods.  This includes audio, video, covert channels and VOIP based steganography. Students will work with each of these latest technologies in a hands-on lab setting. In addition, students will learn the latest techniques and methods of steganalysis, the art of attacking steganography in images, audio, video and data streams. Students will get a rare look at the algorithms used to detect, destroy and disrupt steganography operations. Finally, students will unravel stego'd images and audio files and learn the latest methods of cracking and recovering the hidden data.

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