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Sovereign Time™ Services

Sovereign Time™ was established in 2003 to deliver a source of trusted, auditable, and verifiable time to our customers. Sovereign Time is considered a Root Time Authority, having secure and direct connectivity with a number of National Measurement Institutes.

  • Sovereign Time operates a secure time distribution and time stamp service with traceability to a legal source of time. Sovereign Time secures the instantiation and transmission of time from an official time source to a point of need in high value computing environments. The integrated audit trail stores time source and cryptographic information sufficient to prove the source and reliability of the time used to time stamp an electronic entity. It utilizes PKI technology to authenticate devices that get time, set time, or issue time stamps.
  • Standards based Trusted Stamp Servers with time stamps securely linked to the time distribution audit record. PKI time stamps by themselves do not provide non-reputable time. The Sovereign Time solution provides clocks within the stamp server cryptographic boundary FIPS 140 Level 4 to maintain the trust and traceability of the audit trail.
  • Validation Services supported by a PKI authenticated audit records and verifiable by independent third parties. Users may validate time stamps through online services or standalone applications. Sovereign Time will optionally provide the internal data used to validate time traceability for validation by independent third parties.
  • A Service infrastructure supported by published timing policies practices and procedures verified by independent auditors.
Sovereign Time is a “Trust Authority” for time, much in the same way that a Certificate Authority is a “Trust Authority" for identity.

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