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Gargoyle Investigator

Understanding the impact of malicious code is essential when conducting cyber crime investigations whether it is the discovery of botnets, trojans, anti-forensics, mobile malware or a host of other malicious applications. Accessing the full intent, sophistication, capabilities and communications of cyber criminals requires a complete understanding of what is in play. Our Fibonacci search methods provides faster scanning and identification, significantly decreasing the time investigators spend on each case.

Solutions Include:
Gargoyle Investigator 
Gargoyle Investigator™ is the most advanced malware discovery solution for computer forensic investigators.
It is designed for forensic laboratories, law enforcement, field investigators and advanced private investigators. Gargoyle Investigator™ performs a rapid search of malicious applications and provides significant clues regarding activities, motives and intent of the suspect
or potential suspects. This product is delivered as an electronic software download (ESD) for use on a single system.

Gargoyle Investigator FLASH (G-FLASH)
G-FLASH is our tool designed to simplify your breach, investigation, and incident response activities.
G-FLASH allows you to perform a rapid search for
known contraband, hostile programs and lost or leaked corporate assets. Investigators will be able to retrieve significant information regarding activities, motives and intent of suspects or potential insiders. This product is delivered on a 2GB encrypted USB device equipped with 256-bit AES Encryption.

Advanced Threat Identification (ATI-Preemptive Defense)
ATI-PD integrates the power of Gargoyle Investigator™ with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) managed assets to perform direct hostile application blocking before damage can be done. The ATI-PD solutions has been validated and certified by McAfee and seamlessly integrates into commercial and U.S. Government HBSS environments. By leveraging the investment organizations have made in McAfee Total Protection for Endpoint, extending the one security agent and centralized management view provided by McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), and utilizing the enforcement features of McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention (HIPS), ATI helps companies protect their critical assets and save time and money.