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Mining for P2P Evidence

Course Length:1 Day $1,200.00      $900.00
Upcoming Course Dates & Locations: Register by August 2nd!
September 10, 2010 Missassiuga, Ontario, Canada

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September 29, 2010 Warsaw, Poland
October 27, 2010 Gaithersburg, MD

Criminals utilize Peer to Peer technologies to communicate, share information and contraband.  In addition, malicious software such as Botnets, Zombies and Trojans utilize these protocols for command and control once target computers have been compromised.  During this one day emersion class students will use the latest tools, techniques and methodologies to extract and examine information from P2P activities. 

Who Should Attend?
  • Forensic Examiners and Investigators
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Private investigators
  • Corporate IT security professionals
  • Security auditors
What Will You Learn?
  • In-depth architecture of peer-to-peer file sharing systems: networks and clients
  • Advanced data acquisition and examination techniques of peer-to-peer related criminal and civil investigations
  • Forensic analysis of client evidence
  • Potential pitfalls of evidence examination
  • Hands-on crime scene / forensic lab evidence collection
  • Hands-on crime scene evidence / forensic lab examination
  • Correlation of evidence across suspects
  • Cutting edge techniques for pulling the pieces together cross client analysis
  • Written and practical certification exams
Digital forensic investigators often find peer-to-peer file sharing software present on the images of hard drives they examine. Investigators must determine what P2P software is present, where the associated information is stored, retrieve the information from the appropriate directories, and then analyze the results. This training course presents techniques for P2P investigations using manual techniques and introduces the use of P2P Marshal, a new, automated tool for the detection and analysis of peer-to-peer usage.
What Will You Get?
As a student you will bring home with you:
  • Lab and Reference CD that includes
    • Lecture materials.
    • P2P Investigation Guide
  • WetStone – “Mining for P2P Evidence” Security Professional Certification
    Note: Requires 80% or higher on both written and practical exam